Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

thanks2016“It’s Not What We Have In Life, But Who We Have In Our Life That Matters”

I woke up Thanksgiving morning with my heart full.  I needed nothing more than the people who were suddenly in my bed that morning, my husband, Jaiden and Mila-Jade.

My husband’s family decided to visit from NY and Puerto Rico and I was super excited because last year we were completely alone, just the three of us and now we are FOUR! crazy huh?! I decided to host dinner at my house this time and I forced my Mother-In-Law to cook (LOL)  I’ve never cooked for so many people so I would have been a mess.  It was 8 of us and I invited 2 of my good friends over with their husband/boyfriend, so a total of 12!!! 12!!!! That’s the most my little apartment has ever seen! but I was super happy because my husband and I are always used to spending it with our huge families.

I was also happy because I finally had someone take some pictures of us! (instead of with a selfie stick! haha!)


thanks20163I bought some edible paint me cookies for Jaiden and his cousin.  And they loved them! It’s always good to give the kiddies something to do.

Everything went smooth and I’d like to say everyone had a good time.  Being around family and friends always takes the ease off of me.  Brings a little bit of the Holiday vibes we were used to in NY.  How did you guys spend Thanksgiving? I hope it was great! Thanks for reading!



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