Surviving Flu Season


Major Bummer Right?!! I’m sneezing as I type this up.  Having the Flu sucks! We all know that, but do you want to know what else sucks? When the flu plays tag with your whole family!  That’s right, the flu has been playing tag in our household for the past few days!  First Jaiden caught it & from then on I knew  it would be like a domino effect around the house!  I swear I cringed the moment I heard him sneeze.  But I have a few tips I’m going to share with you on how this family of 4 is SURVIVING FLU SEASON.

Since Jaiden is in school, I am almost positive that he’s always the first one to grace us all with his germs.  After that it’s MJ, then Me and then my husband.  Oh but it doesn’t stop there, sometimes it comes right back around! It’s like we can’t catch a break.  Luckily as a mom I’m used to “Playing Tag With The Flu” so I’ve got some super easy tips on how to Survive FLU Season & kick it in It’s BEHIND!

1.HYDRATE – Drinking fluids is one of the most important things to do when fighting off any flu or stomach bug and not to mention incorporating it into your daily life sick or not.  SO DRINK UP!

2.SOUP – I think this is on everyone’s list! Don’t ask me what it does and how it cures but there’s just something about having a hot bowl of soup while you’re sick that just makes us all feel a little better.  Since it’s important to eat light foods while being sick (no greasy foods allowed!), SOUP always seems to do the trick.

3.KLEENEX – Keeping a box (or 2) of KLEENEX is always important, not just for Flu Season but for everyday life.  KLEENEX kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue so tell me that doesn’t beat having boogery sleeves around! (my kids do this all the time! yuck!) And lets not forget how soft the tissues are, that way they don’t irritate their poor little noses after wiping so much! I always get mine at Walmart since their prices are always affordable, plus they offer 2-day shipping and in store pickup!

4.REST – Lots and lots of rest!  I don’t know about you but when I’m sick I never want to do anything…It’s like I need my body to calm down and fight off the illness before I can get up and be active again. So we take as much rest as we can in this house.  My dishes can wait, my husbands work can wait and the kids games/toys can wait!  Give your body time to heal.

Those are my tips on SURVIVING FLU SEASON.  If you follow these I’m sure you’ll feel better in no time! How does your family SURVIVE FLU SEASON? Let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading!


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