French Fry Queen (w| Moderne Kids Couture)

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Ummm, let’s just take a moment and soak in all this cuteness! Ok, Great!! LOL So I have a little French Fry Queen on my hands and I am NOT joking.  MJ can literally eat French  Fries all day everyday, so when I conversed with Ava from Moderne Kids Couture I knew exactly what I wanted MJ’s shirt to say.

See that’s exactly what she does, she customizes just about anything.  She’s known for her adorable and elegant tutu’s and her customized shirts/onesies.  All I said was that I wanted the shirt to say “French Fry Queen” and she took care of the rest.  She immediately worked up this design for me and I fell in love! Even the packaging was super cute! After talking to her for a couple of days we realized we also grew up in NY and then moved to Florida. Like how crazy is that?! What a small world! With that being said I will continue to purchase every cute little thing I can think of for MJ from her ETSY shop.  #womensupportingwomen Also be sure to check out her FACEBOOK page and her INSTAGRAM page for some cool giveaways!

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