DIY Easter Bunny Tails


Easter is right around the corner and I’m super excited to share this simple DIY! When holidays come up I’m always looking for simple treats to make and send to Jaiden’s classmates.  Since he’s 9 going on 10 I’ve slowed down a bit because as my husband says “He’s Not A Baby Taii!” Grrrr haha! But for the sake of my blog I now can make whatever I want to share with you guys!  Everytime I search for things to do I make sure its something simple & that doesn’t cost a fortune.  I may be a stay-at-home-mom but I still don’t want to make something that’s going to take days to finish and that’s going to cost over $10.00 or $15.00 !  This will honestly take you less than a couple of hours depending on how many you’d like to make.

So let’s get started!

Here’s what you need :

1. The Toppers

I purchased these personalized ones here :

(everything in her shop is super cute & she’s super nice!)

2. Snack Sized Zip-Lock bags

3. Stapler

4. Scissors

5. Cardstock Paper

6. Powdered Donut Holes or Marshmallows

bunny tails supplies

Here’s what you do :

– print out bag toppers on cardstock paper

– cut out toppers & fold

– stuff zip-lock baggies with the marshmallows or donut holes (or whatever else you choose)

– place baggies in between folded toppers

– staple to close

– repeat steps for additional treats


And there you have it! Easy Peasy Right?! These are excellent goodies for your child’s classmates, for family members, if you’re a teacher you can hand them out to your students or if you’re just having an Easter Party! Easy & Affordable! Thanks so much for stopping by!



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