Be My ValenSlime

Valentine’s Day is in 2 days! 2 days!!! Can you believe it? I sure can’t! This month has flown by! Well if you are just like me and still thinking it’s February 1st and Valentine’s Day is 2 weeks away then chances are you have not thought of what to send to school for your child’s classmates! Have No FEAR, I am here to save your day! I have the easiest DIY that you can do in your sleep!

Since SLIME has been all the craze recently and some schools still prefer the “NO CANDY” treats, this DIY will seriously be a piece of cake, plus it won’t cost you more than $10!!


Here’s what you need :

  1. The Slime – (any party pack of slime will do) I got a pack of 8 tiny colorful slime from WALMART in their Valentine section for $1.98 !!!!!!!!!
  2. The Bakers Twine  – I got my Bakers Twine in Target but they have a pack of 3 in Dollar Tree for $1!!!!!!!! which reminds me to never get mine at Target again lol
  3. The Printable  – I got the super cute FREE printable here  and as a bonus she also has a Super Easy recipe for slime in case you want to make your own!

Here’s what you do :

Now you just cut out the printable, punch a hole in them, tie in the twine, the slime and the printable and TA-DAAA!!!!!

I hope you guys enjoy all my simple DIY’s ! Happy Valentine’s Day and as always Thanks For Reading!


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