Surviving The First Day Of School..

I know what you’re thinking, another mom giving out advice on helping their kids on the First Day of School….wellllllll not quite!  This is all about MOMS surviving their kids First Day of School.  Yup a little guide for us moms.  If you’re like me, an over emotional, very sentimental, “don’t ever leave me” type of mom then this right here is for you.

Jaiden’s first day of Middle School (6th grade) was today and to be quite honest he was a little nervous, but the real problem here was ME.  I was a mess!  I cooked dinner early last night, all to just go over his schedule with him and help him set up his book bag.  I did not have wine last night because I was worried I’d slip into a WINE-COMA and not wake up early in the morning.  My nerves barely let me get any sleep.  I woke up at 6am and I could already feel the knots in my tummy.  How will it go for him? Will the kids be mean to him? Does he even know how to get around the school?  Should I pack him a sweater? Is this too early to wake him up? Should I make him turkey bacon or regular bacon?  You see, I was a mess.

I honestly don’t think he’s big enough to be in middle school….He should be home with me away from all the crazies, even though I’m pretty sure the #1 crazy here is ME.  Truth is Jaiden is my first born although I love both my kids equally he’s still like my trophy kid (I know, I know shoot me for saying that) He’s such a good kid and he helps me sooooo much with MJ.  No he’s not my slave but whenever I need to shower or poop he can watch MJ for a few minutes for me you know..

So here we go….my little guide for MOMS on surviving the first day of school…

  1. Cook early the night before (this way you can mentally prepare for helping your kid prepare) (see what I did there? lol)
  2. Hold back your tears while you pack their notebooks in their book bags (if they sense you’re nervous then they’ll get more nervous) be strong mamas!
  3. Prepare a little late night snack for them….(hint to them that this will only happen tonight…they can’t get used to this kind of treatment every night) & then send them to bed
  4. ok FINE you can sneak in ONE glass of wine…just don’t drink 2! Just one is enough to calm the nerves.
  5. Lay in bed and toss and turn all night because you have a big day tomorrow!
  6. Think about all the horrible things that can happen…(this should be easy since as moms we do this all the time)
  7. Hit STOP as your alarm goes off and pretend like you got a full nights sleep
  8. Eat a big breakfast….sending him off to school won’t be easy and you need all the strength you can get.
  9. Pull out your camera and….well they know the drill, at least for 5 minutes they are your model!
  10. Drop them off, come back home and think about what they are doing all day. (basically worry some more)
  11. Pick them up and hug them and kiss them and never let them go! lol I wish!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little #momhumor mom guide!  What do you moms do to survive the first dy of your kids first day of school….feel free to tell me you drink wine and get over it, I promise I won’t judge! I wish all your kiddies a Very Happy First Day of School! As always thanks for reading!



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