Spring Break in MIAMI

SPRING BREAK! SPRING BREAK! I didn’t even know Spring Break was near until the Friday before! BAD MOM I KNOW! Let’s face it ; I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body.  We had no time to plan a trip so we decided to take advantage of living in FLORIDA.  We decided to explore MIAMI.  When someone says “MIAMI” We automatically think “BEACH & DRINKS”…..(I know I do! LOL)  But we decided to explore MIAMI this time ….WITH KIDS!!!!  I searched and searched for places to go that’ll please the kids as well as Hommy & I.  So let’s get right to it!

First place we decided to go to was  MIAMI SEAQUARIUM ,  I won’t go into much detail about because it’s an aquarium. I feel like they all have the same animals,  shows and stuff.  Overall we still really did enjoy it! MJ was honestly AMAZED! It was the cutest thing ever!

check out MJ’s face below!!!!! <3

we got to touch Sting Rays!!!

you guys know I loveeeeee Flamingos!

best part ever was the Whale Show!!! they literally warn you not to sit close or you’ll get soaked!

After a long day of walking at the Aquarium we needed to eat and so we stopped at Sazon Cuban Cuisine (the link to the site is not working at the time).  I admit it was my choice because I saw The Kardashians have dinner there in an episode!! LOL But I promise I researched it a lot before we went.  The restaurant was really cozy.  Nothing wayy too fancy but just right for a bite to eat with family and/or friends.  The food was delicious!!! The waiter was very nice and overall it was great and we already have plans to go again.

MAMA needed a drink!

Lobster Tail & Shrimp on a bed of Yellow Rice

Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail

And NO we didn’t have dessert because MJ pooped all over and I had to run to the car to go change her. #MOMLIFE

The following day we stopped at Monkey Jungle . Guyssss!!! This is a MUST-DO with the kids, or with family or simply on a date.  I cannot stress it enough how much fun we had!  We are caged and the Monkeys run free….LITERALLY! Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures below!

This is where we walk through, see it’s basically a cage

So basically there are chained bowls hanging down from the cage and the Monkeys are literally just waiting for you to put food in them.  You buy boxes of raisins when you walk in to feed them. We bought 3 boxes and we ended up going back for more. LOL

You put the food in the bowl,

& then they pull it up, eat it & send it back down for more!!! Like how neat is that!?!

We don’t listen and we took matters into our own hands and fed them at times by hand!

There were other settings where some Monkeys were in other cages and we threw the food into these tubes and the Monkeys would wait at the other end for it.  Sometimes they themselves would shake the tube if the food got stuck midway! Aside from this which I think was the highlight of the place they did have shows with an Orangutan, more monkeys & a Gorilla. Not only was this place so much fun but we all learned a little something! Like who knew Gorillas recycled (at least the one at this show did) and that Monkeys were hella bossy! Guys please check this place out!

The last place we took the kids to was a place called Just 4 Fun .  It’s an indoor playground that has plenty of things to keep the kids completely entertained for a few hours.  (Moms they sell WINE!! 🙂 )

Roller Slide!!! ( this brings me back so many memories from when I was a kid and used to go to Discovery Zone! who remembers DZ??? )

Little Miss MJ had a blast also since they had a kiddie section!

That was our Spring Break in MIAMI.  I’m sure we’ll be back again to see what other fun places we run into! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! As always, Thanks for reading!



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