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Guysssssssss!!! I did it!!! After years of wanting and months of planning, I opened a small online shop!  I am sooooo excited!!! This has been in the works for quite some time but me being TAII…. well I held it off for wayyyyy too long! But here it is.  I only have one item for now but I promise you that will change.  I decided to start making “mostly mom” stuff well because I’m a mom and I wanted to create certain things us MOMS have in common or can relate to.  So what better saying on a hat than “Because Mom Hair“?!?!

I barely have time to do my hair, let alone wash it so i always just put a hat on!  Now with this cute little sayin’ people can understand why lol.  Anyways guys this hat is available for purchase right here on the blog on the top link “SHOP“. If you do purchase I hope you really enjoy it and if you’re not a MOM just tag someone that would like it.  Like always guys Thanks for reading!


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