No Candy Halloween Treats

You guys know I am ALL FOR HALLOWEEN!! Well I’m all for ANY holiday to be exact.  When Jaiden was smaller I would always send treats to his class for every single holiday.  It was like “MY THANG!” I’m totally THAT TYPE OF MOM!  I just loved making either Cake Pops, Candy Bags, Cupcakes….I would never let him go to school empty handed.  BUT Jaiden is older and that eventually ended but for sake of the blog and my friends that have small kids I still post some easy things they can do if they want.

The last time I made something for Jaiden’s classmates was back when he was in the 2nd grade and it was Cake Pops.  At the end of the school day the teacher stated that she did distribute the treats but that the school was starting to get strict about what the parents are allowed to bring for the class because of not known allergies (which is totally understandable). And I know now for a fact a wide majority of the schools have enforced this rule.  So I try and stick with NON CANDY Treats.

I found these Halloween Bubbles in Dollar Tree, yup they were $1 and 4 came in a pack (what a steal!).  I grabbed a pack and went on home to search for a cute printable to add to it.  I searched on Pinterest for “Halloween Bubbles” and came across this blog post from Landeelu , in this post she has tons of NON-Candy Halloween treats but one specific one caught my eye.  Tater Tots and Jello had the cutest printable that went perfectly with my bubbles.. I always have Card Stock paper and bakers Twine laying around so all I did was print out the tags, cut ’em out, tied them on and BAM! I was done!

Here’s what I used

  • Bubbles
  • Card Stock Paper & Printable
  • Hole Puncher
  • Bakers Twine or any String

And look at how cute they came out!!!

If you would like to make these, check out Tater Tots and Jello ‘s post and please ENJOY YOUR BOOO-bbles!  As always thanks for reading guys!





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