Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is right around the corner!!! Can you believe it?! May is almost here and it honestly felt like Christmas was last week! Shopping for anyone is ALWAYS hard, no matter how well you know the person finding the perfect gift is always a challenge.  Over the weekend I put this little collage together of simple things you can get for the important MOMS in your life.  These are just some of my suggestions, you DON”T have to get these, this is just a little “push” in the right direction if you find yourself stuck.  These are all under $60.00!!! Aside from #5 which you can make it any amount you would like.  So here are my picks :

  1. Photo Blanket – I don’t know any MOM that wouldn’t want one of these! Something simple yet thoughtful that you can save forever! You can make a collage of pictures or you can just choose one picture and they will apply it to a fleece blanket. Best part is that you can do it all online and not leave your house! I purchased one recently from WALMART.COM, although you can also get them at Walgreens, CVS and tons of more places.  I just found that WALMART was the cheapest, right now its only $36.00 with FREE SHIPPING! SCOREEE!.  You can shop this here –  Photo Blanket
  2. Customized Art Into Jewelry – Seriously how cute would it be to carry around your child’s artwork on a cute little necklace? I got one of these I believe 3 years ago, Jaiden used to always write me letters apologizing whenever he did something bad (LOL) so I took a picture of one of his letters that said “I LOVE U MOM” and sent it to this company and sure enough they sent me a little charm with what he wrote on the charm.  Cute right?! Price is $49.99 and up (depending on add ons)  You can shop this here – KidZCanDesign
  3. Swarovski Earrings – You can’t ever go wrong with jewelry!! I normally wear these Gold Hoop Earrings that I’ve had forever!!! But let’s face it sometimes you want to dress up a little and you need to put the hoops away and put on some classy, simple stud earrings.  I’ve had them for over 4 years and they are still in excellent condition! They are my Go-To earrings for whenever I dress up! These are $49.00 with FREE SHIPPING as well! You can shop these here – Swarovski Stud Earrings
  4. FujiFilm Instant Camera – A Mini Polaroid Camera? Yes Please!! I have one and it’s so cute and fun! I’m a sucker for anything MINI so of course when it first came out I had to get it! I just love that well, DUH! the photos come out instantly! (LoL) beats having them stored on your phone! Prices for this camera vary so you have to really look around to see who has it the cheapest.  When I first got it I paid $80 (a couple of years ago) but now you can find them cheaper.  Right now they have it for $55.00 on GROUPON with FREE SHIPPING! WootWoot! You can shop this here – FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera
  5. Gift Card – And last but not least, the good old-fashioned Gift Card.  I know a lot of women that don’t like getting Gift Cards for any gift.  They think it’s an easy way out and that no thought went into it.  That can be true in a way but let’s be honest, would you rather get a card to shop your favorite store and get something you actually like or would you like a gift that you’re never going to use or re-gift it to someone? I say “Gimme the Card!!!”  I wouldn’t give a person CASH, only a gift card to their favorite store, the reason being? : My sisters and I used to give our Mom cash and she would literally just spend it on the grandkids. I tend to do that as well, I get cash and I  spend it on Jaiden. So if you decide to go the Gift Card route, make it a gift card to a store you know the person shops at like Target, Victorias Secret,  Sephora (for the makeup lover mom) or even to a Spa or to get a Mani & Pedi.

Well, hope you guys liked this little Gift Guide!  Good Luck and Happy Mother’s Day Shopping!!



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