#momlife must haves

Whoever said MotherHood was easy was clearly lying.. I have a 10 yr old and an 11 month old and you would think I’d know what I’m doing but clearly, I DO NOT!!!.  So this post is basically about the things I have that have made my #momlife a teensy bit easier!  If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you are well aware that I literally post all things #MOM and I’ve gotten a great amount of DM’s asking me where I got certain things….and although I respond to everyone, I figured I’d make a post for those that don’t dare ask. So here they are :  “MY #momlife Must Haves”!!!

  1. ciao! baby Portable High Chair – My mom gifted MJ this and OMG!!!! what a freaking life saver!!!  At Jaiden’s games, although I had MJ’s stroller with me, she always ended up on my lap.  So telling my mom my horror story (lol) she ended up getting us this.  MJ lovesssssss it! I sit on the bleachers and she sits in her little high chair and all is well!  It comes with a little baggy thing to put it in so its easy to carry.  I keep it in my trunk because well aside from the games you never know when this little thing will come in handy…..the park, the beach, ball games, the list goes on! Moms you need this! And ya’ll know I don’t lie!
  2. Snap and Shop Tray – As most of you’s know, I’m a SAHM and well trips to Walmart or Target or anywhere are like my getaway!  Sometimes MJ is an angel and sometimes she’s well…..you know! so to keep her occupied I always carry with me little snacks, but since she’s known for spilling I always tend to have to pour snacks onto my hand and hold my hand out to her so she can grab some and well, it’s tiring and messy!  Snap and Shop Tray makes all of that a whole lot easier!  Just snap it on the cart, pour some snacks and keep it moving! WIN WIN!!
  3. Airplane Fork & Spoon – Ummmmmm can we say CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE??? Raise your hand if you’ve made airplane noises while feeding your babies?  LOL yup me too!  I originally found my spoons at my local Supermarket, but these are similar.  Not only are they super cute and fun to feed the babies with but they can also dupe as a toy for them to play with!
  4. Disposable Baby Bibs – I hate, I repeat I hate doing laundry!!!! But when you have a baby your trips to the laundry room are more frequent than we’d like.  These disposable baby bibs are a winner for lazy moms like me.  And ummm should I mention that they’re available at the Dollar Store????? Ummmm yes please!!! They come in a pack of 6 so I keep a pack in my car, in my purse and of course at home!  Bibs are something that you have to wash all the time and well these, you just toss them!
  5. Because Mom Hair Hat – How can I not include my very own hat? ::coughcough:: LOL let’s be serious though, what mom doesn’t have a bad hair day? what mom is so tired of getting shit done that they don’t have time to wash or do their hair?!!! Just toss on this hat and call it a day!

Guys these are currently my #momlife must haves at the moment! Let me know in the comments below what are your #momlife must haves and as always thanks for reading!


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