Mini Heart Shaped Pizzas

It’s VALENTINE’S MONTH!!!! You know what that means right?! Yup!!! HEARTS EVERYWHERE! I try my best to do all the extra cutesy stuff all year ’round, February just gives me an extra reason to be well, you guessed it! SUPER EXTRA! LOL which brings me to this Super Simple Fun way to make Mini Heart Shaped Pizzas! If you wanna know more, then just keep reading!

A few months ago my Sister-In-Law came to visit and we had just told her that Jaiden is now a fan of PIZZA! ( he was all just chicken nuggets and fried chicken but he recently added PIZZA to his super tiny list of things to eat!) So she was telling me that she makes Pizza at home and buys the ingredients at Dollar Tree!  And I was like “SHUT UP!”  I love Dollar Tree but I’ve never really bought food to cook there.  Sure enough we went, bought, made and ate! And it was DELICIOUS!!!

On to the recipe! Here’s what you’ll need:

(everything pictured above is from Dollar Tree EXCEPT the cheese and the Heart Shaped Cutters)

1.Pizza Crust

2.Pizza Sauce

3.Mozerella Cheese


5.Heart Shaped Cutters (Walmart)



Preheat oven to 350′

Cut out the crust using the cutters

 2 Add sauce

 3 Add cheese

 4 Be extra and cut the pepperoni into hearts too!

 5 Put them in the oven and take them out depending on how melted you like your cheese to be (I put mine for about 5 mins…checking them frequently)


Seriously how cute!!!! Almost too cute to eat right!? As always thanks for reading guys!




    • mostthingsmom
      February 8, 2018 / 4:01 pm

      thank you! 😊

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