Mini Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches


Since it’s #NATIONALDONUTDAY it’s only right that I share with you guys one of my favorite ways to eat donuts.  There has always been a craze over donuts and different ways to incorporate donuts with other famous desserts, but recently Donut Ice Cream sandwiches have been all over!  Of course I go outta my way to try anything new that comes out but this time I decided to try my own at home.  I first attempted to make these with regular donuts, but for the sake of this post and the fact that I only had Mini Donuts in my house I figured we’d try these, and besides we all know that everything is better when it’s MINI.

This is so simple I even thought of not posting but what the heck?! First grab your favorite Mini Donuts (my fav are GLAZED) then grab your favorite Ice Cream (my fav is Breyers Vanilla).


Cut the donuts in half, scoop some ice cream, add to one half of one donut and then just top it with the other half of the donut, TADAAAA! you have a Mini Donut Ice Cream Sandwich!!!

donut3Easy Peasy right???? You’re Welcome! Don’t be a Plain ‘Ol Jane like me, go ahead and try it with different donuts like chocolate or powdered and add some strawberry or butter pecan ice cream. Thanks so much for reading guys!



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