Mini-Adventures in Orlando

orlandoeyeSpring Break was a couple of weeks ago and for quite some time Hommy and I were planning on doing some “touristy” things in Orlando.  Since the baby is coming soon, we wanted to have a quick mini-vacation as a family of three.  When we first moved to Florida I thought we’d go to Orlando ALL THE TIME, but its kinda far from where we actually live and the drive is long and draining.  So whenever we do decide to go we actually plan it out and stay in a hotel to avoid the drive back.  I’m always online searching for different places to go with my little Fam-Bam, one thing I love about Hommy is that he deals with my crazy adventure requests, a place I would want to go eat can be 2 hours away and he’ll take me, granted not the same day but he will absolutely take me.  So I got lucky!

Our first stop was Sea Life.  This is not a full blown Aquarium, but it was awesome enough to keep my 9yr old entertained and short enough for me to haul my belly around without any complaints. I didn’t take the best of photos because I had issues with the flash but I did my best!  These photos do not do this place justice.  I really wished I could just stroll around and take it all in without worrying about taking pictures.


The best part of Sea Life is the 360 degrees Underwater Tunnel. I myself was in awe ! It was so cool to see the sharks over and under you!





Our next stop was The Orlando Eye.  I have been wanting to get on this since the day I heard it was being built!! I was so excited! Jaiden on the other hand was not so happy, he’s afraid of everything and it doesn’t help that Hommy adds to his fear also.



orlandoeyejaiYup he was holding on for dear life!!!! hahaaa!

If you are ever in the Orlando area I suggest you make a stop here.  The place alone is so beautiful, you don’t have to pay to get in, you can just walk around and enjoy the scenery, it’s amazing, you do have to pay to go to any of the attractions like Sea Life and The Orlando Eye though.

After that we headed to Medieval Times for the dinner show.  I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the actual show and the food, so we decided to see for ourselves.


Once you go in they give you paper crowns and assign you to a team so you can cheer on.  The place looks like an old castle and while you wait they have set up little bars where you can order wine or beer and walk around until it’s time to be seated.



The show was very entertaining, I was surprised Jaiden and Hommy were really into it!  I was too but I really just wanted food! They don’t give you any utensils, hence in the old days they didn’t have any, but since it’s dark it’s totally fine to eat with your fingers. The food was amazing! I dug in before I could get a shot haha!!! But trust me it was really good! Before our day-cation ended we stopped at Dippin’Dots (per my request), it’s a must everytime I go down there.  If you’re from the Orlando area I’d love to know what are your must-go-to places there aside from the usual theme parks, leave a comment down below. Thanks for reading guys!




  1. Jezzi
    April 29, 2016 / 12:52 am

    When I’m there I feel like I always have to visit Old Town. Idk why. I think it’s cause it brings such great teen day memories. I love driving the go carts! Mini golf is also a must I have so much fun. One of my favorite things to do too. I loved Medieval times. I’m a nerd so I liked that chamber where they show you all the turture things they used and the history and learning about the life style during that time period. My favorite theme park is Universal both Island of Adventure and The Studio but if you haven’t already went. Lego Land is dope my kids absolutely loved it! There is a helicopter there that gives you a tour and a indoor skydiving type of feeling. Any time I visit I have to stop and eat at Bahama Breeze because they don’t have one here! I love their drinks and food!

    • mostthingsmom
      April 29, 2016 / 10:54 am

      I love Old Town too! when I first visited Florida when I was a teenager that’s the only place we would go lol it’s like a mini Coney Island without the beach 😉

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