Mila-Jade is 1!

Can you believe it guys?! Little Miss MJ is ONE!!!! Eeekkkkkkk! In true MOSTTHINGSMOM fashion, this post is a little late as MJ turned 1 on May 12th.  In my defense life has been super hectic and with a walking 1 year old I can barely catch my breath.

We had a very low-key little celebration between MJ, Hommy, Jaiden and myself….Nothing fancy, I did have a party planned but I ended up cancelling it last minute.  I do plan on fully celebrating it later on, perhaps when some family can come visit.  It made no sense to spend so much and then literally have only 2 friends of mine come.  I attempted to decorate her room the night before but she had other plans and out of every night that she fully sleeps through, she woke up and only wanted to be held by me.  Go figure! I was so tired I ended up hitting the sack and decorated first thing in the morning.  It took longer than expected because well you see those tassels hanging from her crib? yea well I had to make those by hand! Anyway! She was super excited when she walked in and saw all the balloons and decorations.  In between her eating and napping and Jaiden’s last baseball game, it was crazy and we ended up singing her Happy Birthday at like almost 10pm! If you followed my IGstories or Snapchats then you know already that she was full of emotions, one second she was laughing and the other second she was crying. It was hilarious.

(coming home from the hospital)

(6 Months)

(12 Months)

As I was preparing for this post and looking back at which photos to post I was getting all the feels! I was like “Taii calm down, you can’t post that many pics in one post!” I cannot believe that she is 1! It seems like it was only yesterday that I brought her home and she was this little itty bitty baby that would snuggle on my chest and her she is now running! Time needs to stop! Time is a thief! (ok let me stop being dramatic!) Anyway watching MJ grow into the little lady she is today is beyond me.  I almost feel bad that I didn’t get to spend all this time with Jaiden since I worked.  She is the exact opposite of Jaiden. She’s a diva, she’s strong, she’s determined, she’s a tiny little monster I tell ya! She is really happy most of the time but she knows what she wants and she won’t stop until she gets it and I never thought that was possible this early on.

So let me brag and tell you little bits and pieces of her :

  1. She’s super happy (most of the time)
  2. She will eat anything you offer her
  3. She dances to spanish reggaeton and trap music (it’s my fault)
  4. She is obsessed with her brother
  5. She doesn’t like to sit in her car seat, in store carts or restaurant high chairs
  6. She wants to be attached to my hip at all times, cooking, cleaning, shopping, brushing my teeth….
  7. She bites (I’m working really hard on taking that habit away)
  8. She likes to go inside our dogs cage, she literally just wants to chill there
  9. She loves eating paper
  10. She loves the water
  11. She points to things she wants at stores (today I almost had to buy a pair of Shimmer and Shine sneakers) insert rolling eyes emoji here
  12. She blows kisses and attempts to wink also

She’s a crazy little loving fun monster! I hope I didn’t bore you guys with this post.  But yep! MJ is finally ONE and I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for me. As always thanks for reading!


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