Jaiden Turns 10!


Last week Jaiden turned 10, so you can only imagine all the emotions I felt.  My little baby, a double-digit-er*!!! Seems like only yesterday I was rocking him in my arms and now he’s studying Algebra! Where has the time gone??  Let me not get all sappy because I can literally go on for hours!  Jaiden has always been a very good child, I can count on one hand how many times he threw a tantrum in a store when he was little.  We’ve truly been blessed with how much of a good kid he is.  I pat myself on the back for that! HA HA ! He’s kind and he’s always thinking of others, he’s smart and respectful, he’s very sentimental and till this day he still has no shame in holding my hand in front of his friends or kissing me in public.  I am beyond proud to watch him become the gentleman that I get to call my SON.

5 years ago I had some balloons left over from his birthday party that we celebrated before his actual birthday and I said “what the heck, lemme blow them up and put ’em in his room!”  &  it totally worked, he woke up to a room full of colorful balloons and a cake with a candle and his father and I sang him happy birthday at like 7am LOL.  He was so surprised and happy!  So 5 years later we still do the exact same thing for him!  It’s a tradition in our home now.    We surprised him at school with Emoji cupcakes and he had a donut cake and gifts waiting for him when he came back from school. We kept it really simple this year & we went on a little weekend getaway to Orlando and we stood in  hotel that has a Waterpark.   Annnnnnnnd I totally forgot he had his very own Birthday SNAPCHAT filter !! 😉






Thanks so much for reading guys!



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