hellooooo 2017…

So 2016 is gone and I’m not going to lie, it had a lot of ups and downs for me.  One up was that I gave birth to my baby girl and one down was that my family aside for my husband and my son haven’t met her yet (and I gave birth to her in MAY!!) .  But let’s be positive people! And by “people” I mean “ME”. I take things wayyyy too personal.  But that’s ME! With every NEW YEAR comes NEW GOALS.  So I’ve put together and little list of New Goals I intend on looking forward to.

  1. BELIEVE IN MYSELF – Believing in myself is on the top of my list because I underestimate myself A LOT!!! And that needs to stop ASAP! I’m not saying I’m the greatest at everything but there have been a couple of projects that I’ve attempted to start and I’ve stopped for the dumbest reasons….Like “my friend is doing the same, I won’t succeed, there’s so many people doing it….” the list goes on!  I will no longer doubt myself!
  2. ME TIME – ME TIME made the list because ever since I became a SAHM (STAY AT HOME MOM) I lost myself.  When I say I lost myself I don’t ONLY mean “I don’t get my nails done anymore or my toes…..”(which I haven’t in like 2yrs!)  I mean I lost who I am as a person….I don’t think the same, I don’t act the same…. I lost who I am….I feel like I lost myself in the process of being a MOTHER.  My world revolves around them and although that’s OK I still need to take care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally.
  3. MORE ADVENTURES – When we first moved to Florida my husband and I made it our business to explore as much as we could.  We’ve gone to places that my friends whom have been here for years didn’t even know existed.  We’ve slowed down a bit since my pregnancy and then giving birth.  Now that MJ is a little bigger we have lots of places on our list to check out.  Adventures to us include,  taking a trip to a museum, a new park, a trip up North, a trip to Key West or even just visiting the Drive-In more.
  4. STEER AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY – This is a good one because believe it or not negativity tends to float around even if you try to steer away from it.  I entered this year not wanting to be like the OLD me which was quick to let little things bother me.  From now on I vowed to myself  that I will and should not let anything that isn’t addressed personally to me bother me or affect my mood.  You wanna talk to me? Cool! You don’t? That’s cool too!  Life is too short to dwell on dumb stuff so I will no longer let it!
  5. MINIMALISM – And last but not least…SIMPLICITY!  I’ve been doing my research about living SIMPLY and it’s something I’ve already started to incorporate in my life.  Often times we tend to over buy and over stack our homes, our lives, our EVERYTHING, with things we don’t really need.  We buy things just because they’re on sale or just because we think we really NEED it. We end up spending we could be saving for something else. I have 2 Ikea dresser thingys (I don’t know what they are called) filled with makeup! MAKEUP! I literally wear BB Creme and eyeliner and that’s it! So those 2 dressers are  just there, taking up space with makeup that I spent god knows how much money on! I’m pretty sure all that is worth a trip to Cancun and back…maybe even more! I have clothes that I’m saving “for when I lose weight” that are taking up space also…the list goes on.  I don’t need MORE space, I need LESS stuff! It’s going to be hard but I will make it happen!

This list is just a few of the more important goals I have.  Along with those are, eat healthier, drink more water, pray more, unplug from social media for a few, take on a new activity, go for more walks, spend less, save more, make new friends, let go of old bad habits, learn to say no more, read more books…..2017 I’m so excited and ready for you!

What are some of your Resolutions or Goals for this New Year?

Thanks for reading guys!




  1. January 12, 2017 / 6:31 pm

    love love love all your goals !! you’re going to achieve them and more!! aman

    • mostthingsmom
      January 12, 2017 / 6:33 pm

      thank you love! we shall conquer this “simplicity” lifestyle together! ??

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