Goodbye October.

The month of October flew by!!!! I don’t ever want to see Halloween stuff again!!! Just Kidding!!! Only until next year! LoL!  This month was such a blast, from Pumpkin Patches to Pumpkin carving….ahhhhh the memories will last forever!  I was super excited to finally include MJ in all of our FALL ACTIVITIES!  It felt a little weird I won’t lie.  I’m used to just having JAIDEN around, but it was fun having the baby around and introducing her to what our family does around the holidays.

Ummm what is October without visiting a Pumpkin patch or two???? I am always on the hunt for searching for the most perfect Pumpkin Patch to go to.  I had found several in NY but being new in Florida you know I have to keep my options open.  The best one I would say for now was Bedner’s Fresh Farm in Boyton Beach, FL. It’s a little far from me but it was totally worth it.  All I have to say is “APPLE CIDER DONUTS” That is all!  That alone will keep me going back.  The Patch is full of things to do from Food Trucks to picking pumpkins.  We had a blast and we will be back next year!




After that I begged my hubby to take me to a Hello Kitty Truck Iv’e been following FOREVER!!!! And guess what? He took me! oct11

Ya’ll know Hello Kitty is my favvvvvv!

Ummmmmm what is Hallowwen without dressing up???? I’ll wait….. I played dress up with MJ as : TA-Da!!!!!!!oct10

Can you guess? Regina George Duhhhhhhhh!!! It was super fun! I think she likes being a BLONDE!


As parents in a new state where we know no one, it’s nice to find some ADULT things to do, so we went to an ITALIAN FEAST!  It was AMAZZZZZZZING!   I cannot wait ’till there’s another one!!! Ummmm first off they had wine! and second of all they had WINE!!!!.  We had personal pizzas and spaghetti and fried ravioli!! I died and went to heaven! oct9

anddd everyone was obsessing over MJ like usual!


I promised Jaiden that we will have ONE-ON-ONE time, and I delivered!

We went Pumpkin Painting and it was so much much! He was so into it!  I painted a Lady Bug and he painted a Pokeball! (Go Figure!!!!) He wants to go again with his Dad and Sis!


Halloween came and let me tell you it was not easy! Jaiden wanted to be so many things and honestly  I wanted to do something as a family but what kind of parent would I be to not let my child pick his/her own costume?  So he went as GOKU from DRAGON BALL Z and MILA-JADE went as a Giraffe.  And we were all happy! We went trick or treating and we even went to haunted house!oct14

After all the shenanigans we went home and carved pumpkins!  This year Jaidens choice was “PIKACHU” and I have to say my hubby did an excellent job!


It’s NOV 02 and MJ is still rocking Halloween PJ’s….


What are some things you guys are looking forward to in NOVEMBER? Leave Me A Comment Below!





  1. Karla
    November 2, 2016 / 11:29 pm

    Omg how cute! Love the costumes. Apple cider donuts sound amazing!

    • mostthingsmom
      November 3, 2016 / 9:13 am

      Omg they are! I’m looking up recipes to make my own lol

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