Gender Reveal


This is a post from the past! Well around 5 months ago past! Aside from posting it on FaceBook and Instagram I realized I never shared it on the blog since I didn’t have the blog back then.  So here goes! Now everything is totally different from way back when I was pregnant with Jaiden.  Back then we had to wait until the 2nd trimester to see if based on the ultrasound the baby would let us see if it was a boy or a girl.  Now you can get the results with a blood test.  Based on the chromosomes they can tell very early whether its a boy or a girl.  This was very new to me and I must admit that I didn’t trust these results 100% but it is very accurate.  I had the actual results in my hands on November 3, and I didn’t do the actual reveal until November 29. Yup I had that little envelope inside my purse and in my home for a good couple of weeks! I was never even tempted to open it! I did have 2 doctors appointments in between finding out so I had to tell them loud and clear not to tell me the results, one nurse almost broke the news HaHa!

Pinterest and Social Media made it super hard for me to decide on how I wanted to reveal what I was having.  People are so creative and things like this weren’t a big deal back then. I mean it was a big deal back then but people didn’t throw parties or do anything super special to find out.  I wanted to throw a party! I wanted everything to be pink and blue and I wanted it to be like a battle of girls vs. boys!  That’s whats in now, having a “Reveal Party” but since I just moved to Florida and I didn’t really know anyone here I thought “who would I actually invite?!” heheee So I thought of other “smaller” ways to find out and still make it exciting.  So we did the “Balloon Thing“….

genderreveal1We all just-so-happened to be wearing black…..I’m totally lying, I wore a black dress so the boys had to scramble and search for black shirts to match HaHa! We went to Party City early that morning and picked out the balloon and the confetti in both colors to put inside.  We then went over to the manager and she kindly took our envelope and said she’ll take care of the rest so we went outside.  We were supposed to go back in and pay once she was done but she took the balloon outside and said it was on her!!!! She congratulated us and said Good Luck! After our many Thank You’s to her we stuffed the balloon in the car and headed home.  The ride from our home to Party City and back is long so I was really worried that the balloon would pop in the car! I thought to myself “That’s what I’ll get for waiting so long! I’ll have the results scattered in my car and all without catching it on camera!” Lucky for me the balloon survived all the way home and so did I!  We went to a friends house and they were able to take pictures and videos of us popping the balloon and capturing the moment.


Andddddddd…….IT’S A …….




Hommy and Jaiden weren’t too happy we are having a girl but I think Hommy’s just scared and Jaiden, well Jaiden is 9 so I honestly don’t even think it mattered to him.  As long as the baby is healthy that’s our biggest concern.  I on the other hand know having a girl will be a little challenge since I’m used to Jaiden but I’m super stoked that now in the Torres household our genders are tied! 😉 Thanks so much for reading!



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