For The Man That Has Everything

“this post was sponsored by TILE, as always all opinions are my own”

5 Days ’til CHRISTMAS!!! Excuse me while I have a mini panic attack because it feels like I’ve gotten NOTHING done.  Ok maybe I’m exaggerating…A LITTLE.  The hardest thing to decide was obviously what do I get my husband for Christmas?  What do you get FOR THE MAN THAT HAS EVERYTHING? Sure I can get him his dream car but ummm yea I definitely don’t have that kind of money. HAHA!

My husband is a MECHANIC, basically his whole life he had a thing for cars!  Total guy right? In all seriousness HE LOVES CARS and HE LOVES FIXING them.  He’s a CAR DOCTOR.  Not to brag or anything but there is seriously not a thing that he cannot figure out when it comes to fixing a car.  Actual mechanics have come to him for help.  Yup he’s that good!  You want to know what else he’s good at? LOSING EVERYTHING.  I think he’s better at that than actually fixing cars!  He will lose his head if it wasn’t attached to his body!

Do you want to know who he calls and expects to make things reappear after he’s lost them? ….If you guessed ME then you guessed RIGHT!!! If I’m home all day MOMMIN’ then how could I possibly know where he put his keys at?  Or his wallet? Or his bag?  & the list goes on of things he expects me to find for him.  Don’t get me wrong the saying is brutally true “nothing is really lost unless your mom can’t find it” And well I’m the closest thing he has to his mom since she lives in Puerto Rico.  So he calls me in hopes that I’ll wave my magic wand and his lost items will appear.

I honestly can’t blame him though.  The amount of work he puts in is beyond me, sometimes I don’t even know how he does it.  From driving super far to buy cars, to fixing them, to painting them, to finding parts for them…the list goes on…Im sure he’s bound to lose SOMETHING.  The 2 most common things he tends to lose are his keys and his wedding ring.  He always calls me asking me for his keys…BUT he never tells me if he’s lost his wedding ring…He tries to just not mention it until I see that its not on his finger and I scold him like a child about it!  See when his ring is on and he puts his gloves on, the glove breaks, so he takes it off and he forgets about it.  Lovely Husband ain’t he? Just Kidding’ It can happen to anyone! It just so happens that it happens to him A LOT!

Ok so let’s fast forward to the good part :


When I say he has everything I really mean there is nothing that he actually asks for…There’s nothing that he really needs!  We’ve been together for over 15 years so I’m really all out of ideas!  That was until I saw this commercial that MJ always tends to really watch.. It was the TILE commercial where the little girl loses her stuffed animal and the dad finds it for her.  I immediately looked for it on my phone and I said to myself “THIS IS IT!”

What is TILE?

Consider it a little SEARCH ARMY for your most valuable items.  Tile is a small gadget that you attach to something you often lose like KEYS, you download the app to make a connection and if and when you misplace the keys, the app uses BLUETOOTH to find it.  You can use the app to find the item that are attached to the TILE or you can also use the actual TILE to find your phone.  Keep in mind you can attach the TILE to anything!  In MJ’s favorite commercial it just so happens that the TILE in on the stuffed animal, but you can attach it to a camera, a wallet, in my husbands case, even a wedding ring!

If you want to learn more about TILE click HERE!

 I am 100% happy with gifting TILE to my husband.  Not only does it give HIM Peace Of MIND that his items can be found quickly but it also helps me out with less phone calls from him asking where his dang keys are!  Now tell me that isn’t a cool MUCH NEEDED gift FOR THE MAN THAT HAS EVERYTHING? As always thanks for reading guys!


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