First Day of School Printable


I can’t believe it is almost September!! This Summer flew by!  Jaiden started school last week (I’m getting old! I officially have a 5th grader! ) so this post is a little too late for my Floridians but it’s just in time for my New Yorkers!! 😉


I decided to make cute little “First Day of School” signs so that you can all print out and have your child pose with it on their first day of school! I wanted to make the sign as simple as possible because well, simple is better! haha! I’m joking, I just wanted to make one that was a little different from the chalkboard one (even those are super cute!), and I wanted to make one that would fit both boys and girls.  I also left a blank space so that you can write yourself the grade your child is going to.  With a newborn and all,  I was way too lazy to make individual ones for each grade (sorry!) But look at it this way, you can print a few and save for future First Days of School or you can put it in a frame and use a dry erase marker to fill in the grade and wipe it off and use it later also! 😉  I did include a “KINDERGARTEN” one because it totally wouldn’t make sense if it read “First Day of Kindergarten Grade” haha!


Here are the links :

1st Day of School Printable

Kindergarten Printable

Hope you guys like it! Wishing all the kiddies an excellent first day of school and an awesome school year!



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