Exploring Florida…..

My husband travels a lot for work and one of the perks is that we tend to visit a lot of new places.  One place I love to tag along with him is to ST.PETE., My town is very small so when we go to other towns I’m all for it!  One place we love to visit is JOHN’S PASS.  I found this place just casually looking for places to eat, and I was in AWE.  This place is absolutely beautiful,  we love walking the boardwalk and just hanging out.  It’s basically a boardwalk full of restaurants and shops…the scenery alone is breathtaking! There’s so much to do there, from just walking around to eating and shopping.  You can rent Jet-Ski’s, rent boats and walk on the beach.johnspassWe love to keep Jaiden active so we are always looking for things for him to do.  Luckily we came across this Rock Climbing place called Vertical Ventures and he looooooved it!  At first he was a bit scared but sure enough once he tried it, he got the hang of it and didn’t want to stop.  The staff is super friendly and they did an awesome job at giving us a tour and making Jaiden feel comfortable and confident. We can’t wait to go back!rockclimbWhen I was pregnant I was a mess!!!!! I WANTED nothing but donuts and pizza! LoL So I begged my husband to take me to the MINI DONUT FACTORY.  I was very pleased!  A hidden gem in Tampa I would say! Not only are the donuts super cute but they make them fresh everytime & they’re delicious!donutfactThese places I come across are all based on places I find and experience myself, I wouldn’t review them if they weren’t worth going to!  I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  I look forward to exploring new places and sharing them with you!!



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