The Christmas Eve Box

I know it’s one day late but I figured if you like this idea you can pin it or save it for later.  I wanted to share with you guys another one of our Christmas Traditions.  This is “The Christmas Eve Box” , I got this idea from Pinterest and for the past 3 – 4 years I’ve done it for Jaiden. It really is quite simple to do & it makes Christmas Eve night a little more fun for kids.

The Christmas Eve Box is kind of like an Easter Basket, where you would fill up the basket with all sorts of goodies to give to your kids on Easter Day.  What goes into the Christmas Eve Box is totally up to you.  There is no perfect way to do it.  I tend to switch it up every year but there are a few items that I always include.  So basically you get any type of box…it can be a regular gift box that you would put a shirt in (I did our 1st box like this)….this year I used a crate I got at IKEA, but any sort of box that you can put things in is fine.  Then you just add whatever you’d like inside for Christmas Eve night.

Here’s What I Added In Ours :

  1. PJ’s (a new set specifically for this night)
  2. SOCKS

Now I ALWAYS include the PJ’s, Socks & Popcorn in every box, I added the cookies extra this year because I mean, how could I not?  In other boxes I’ve included a new movie but with Netflix and DVR there’s definitely no need to.  I’ve also included Santa’s plate for cookies and cup for Milk (this year I didn’t).  As you can see you can add anything you want.  It’s all just to kind of get the kids ready to sleep before Santa’s visit.  Anything goes!

If you want to make it a little extra special, if your family does ELF ON THE SHELF, you can also have your ELF “bring the box” with instructions on what the box contains and what to do with whats inside.  That would also be a great way to introduce The Christmas Eve Box if you’re introducing this new tradition to your family.

And there you have it guys….The Christmas Eve Box! Pretty simple right?  Does your family do The Christmas Eve Box? If so what do you add to it? As always thanks for reading!



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