Becoming a Mom

becoming a mom

I’m the mom of an “almost” 10 year old!!! YIKESS!!! Let’s let that sink in …. haha!  I was pregnant with Jaiden when I was 20 yrs old and I gave birth to him when I was 21, so yeap I couldn’t even celebrate being officially 21 like most others do.  The pregnancy was a big shocker especially me still living at home (that’s a big no-no in a Spanish household).  I thank god that Hommy (yessss that’s his real name! my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband) stepped up to the plate and moved me outta my parents house and we got our own place. He was raised very well and he wasn’t the typical teenage guy who gets a girl pregnant and leaves or doesn’t move her out.  We both had very good jobs at the time and the first apartment we went to see we got. It was difficult at the time, I’m not going to lie, especially watching my friends go out and I was just going to work and back home with my big ‘ol belly. Since I was the baby in my household, my parents weren’t too fond of the idea that I moved out and was having a baby so I really didn’t get to embrace my pregnancy.  I was afraid to ask my mom questions about the changes my body was going through, so I kind of just kept it all inside.  I remember I would place my camera on my dresser and set the timer to take pictures of my growing belly (most of them came out from my eyebrows down hahaa).  My family did come through and threw me a small baby shower.  I remember reading a book that mentioned something about a “Mucus Plug” and how when that happened to the woman that meant that she was close to giving birth (around 2 weeks it said).. On August 25th Hommy and I went to a car show and we got home super late. Before we got home we stopped at White Castle to get something to eat. If you’re from New York you know White Castle Burgers are known as “Murder Burgers” because they supposedly send you to the bathroom, well those burgers, I say now made me go into labor.  I woke up in major pain wanting to go to the bathroom and sure enough I used the bathroom and there was the Mucus Plug. I ran to the room to wake Hommy up and he literally started to rub my belly and said “ It’s ok, come back to bed it’ll go away soon” and that’s when I snapped and started to yell at him that I was in labor.  My mom had always told me to eat before I went to the hospital because I could be in labor for hours or even days and I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything.  I remember asking Hommy to make me soup, and 3 times he asked “Are you sure you’re going to eat it? I don’t want to make it if you’re not going to eat it...” Sure enough he made me the soup and I didn’t even touch it!  He was so mad about the soup lol!  We went to pick up my mom and my contractions were really strong, but if you know my mom you know she cannot go anywhere without having her coffee and yup she and Hommy stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts! ::rolls eyes:: It was 6am or 7am, I lived in Queens and the hospital I had to give birth in was all the way in Long Island. Hommy decides to take the Jackie Robinson Pkwy (which if you’re from NY you know its jam packed around that time) I wanted to die, like literally I was thinking about jumping out of the car and just running to whatever hospital was near me (the pain was that bad!).  We finally got to the hospital and they took me in immediately, only to take me to labor and delivery and ask me to fill out a ton of papers (who wants to fill stuff out while in pain? I sure didn’t!) The nurse took me into a room to see if I was dilated and really in labor, (I honestly thought that maybe it was a false alarm since I had read about moms in pain being sent back home until they were dilated more)  When the nurse checked me and looked up and smiled and the words “yup you’re in labor you’re going to have this baby today!” came out of her mouth, my nerves took over and I threw up all over the place!  I couldn’t believe it! At that moment the whole 9 months just seem so short, I didn’t think I was ready, we entered the hospital as 2 and we were going to leave as 3! It was just crazy to me. It didn’t hit me until that moment that I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and I was about to be a mom!

At 5:52 pm on August 26, 2006 Jaiden was born and although it may sound cheesy, Taii “the mom” was born as well.  The minute you hear your baby cry for the first time after giving birth and they place them on you and you lock eyes with your baby, your life completely changes.  This tiny human being whom you’ve just met completely takes over your life.  Nothing else matters at that point, the stretch marks, the not sleeping, the weight gain, the pain….it all doesn’t matter anymore, all that matters is that this little person came out of you and they need you.  Everything after that is kind of a blur… I was blessed with Jaiden, he truly is the light of my life.  Now he’s almost 10 and I get anxiety just thinking about him becoming a teenager, an adult, having a girlfriend, going off to college, moving out…I know you moms can relate.  If you’ve gotten up to here, thanks so much for taking the time out to read this and I promise the other posts will be a lot shorter!



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