Back 2 School Rules

All in ONE month my son turned 11 & he entered middle school! yup my baby is in junior high school.  EEEEEEkkkkkkkkkk! Kill me NOW!  Get back in my belly please!!! Ok enough with me being dramatic! So during the summer I’m not going to lie….making breakfast & lunch was a hassle! #badmom right here! But he now starts super early which means I have to wake up earlier which means MJ wakes up earlier and is basically outta control till it’s her nap time, which just so happens  to be at the time I have to pick up Jaiden from school.  I can’t win I swear! Anyway let’s get back to the purpose of this blog post.  While it was Summer Jaiden was able to do whatever he pleased….no bedtime, no nothing.  Occasionally we told him to go to bed early just because we felt it was necessary.  But basically there were NO RULES. #bestmom

Now he’s back in school and it’s time to enforce some rules! One of which he’s very familiar with….. NO ELECTRONICS MONDAY – FRIDAY (afternoon)!!!! For the past couple of years we have done this “no electronics on weekdays” and let me tell you it’s been successful. Sure they’ll hate you in the beginning and well who am I kidding…. they’ll hate you always! But who cares what they want? In my house you cannot play with the IPAD, the XBOX, the IPHONE, the DS or anything else electronic…. Yes he can watch TV, play with his toys and / or play outside, MONDAY – FRIDAY (afternoon).  Call me crazy but I was born in the 80’s and well WTH did we do when we didn’t have our iPads to play with…..WE WENT OUTSIDE!  See kids don’t understand that there’s a whole outside world…and I’m not the one to let him just sit in his room playing XBOX all day!  You will go outside and play with ANTS for all I care but you will NOT get sucked into what this new generation is all about.

And let’s be honest sometimes he begs me to let him play on the DS and what not and I truly feel bad but I can’t and won’t give in …. he has all the time in the world to play…he needs to learn to survive without electronics….and yes he tells me “but you’re on your phone all day” …..ummm ok sparky I AM WORKING, ok maybe not all the time but I’m old already and I know what its like to NOT have a phone and whatnot…. I may be mean to him, I may be awful but he’ll get it in the end…

Go outside, scrape your knees, play some ball, build a fort (I got this from the movie THIS IS FORTY) .. DO SOMETHING that doesn’t involve being on the NET.  Read a book for crying out loud!.. I can go on..  Anyway this is ONE rule I enforce while school is in session…What’s ONE rule you mamas enforce while the kids are back in school? As always thanks for reading! 



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