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Picking a name this time around was super hard.  I always knew that Jaiden’s name would be well, JAIDEN.  There was no way Hommy would let me name our boy HOMMY.  I couldn’t blame him.  I didn’t mind if he was named Hommy because after all he was his JR.  But I just decided since it wasn’t going to be named after his dad then he was going to be named Jaiden.  I always heard that sometimes, SOMETIMES the ultrasounds are wrong and you can go months thinking your baby will be male or female and once its born “SURPRISE!!!!” it can totally be the opposite of what you thought you were having.  So “JADE” was the backup name I had in case it turned out to be a girl.  But Jaiden was in fact born a boy haha! So the name worked out!

Fast forward to when Jaiden was around 4 or 5 and all he watched was Nickelodeon I sat down with him and we watched the show “VICTORIOUS”.  The show is actually really good, after that one episode I watched it became a “thing” for us to just watch it all together.  That’s when the name JADE popped up again.  Jade’s character on VICTORIOUS is very interesting, she’s mean, she’s rude and she’s very insensitive but she’s also beautiful, charming, smart and tough.  I clinged to her character and name for years after that.  And I was set on if I ever had another baby and it was a girl I would name her JADE.

5 years later here I am expecting a girl and you would think since I already was set on Jade as a name that it would be simple, ummm no!!.  I thought over and over as to how close the name Jade was to Jaiden.  Could it work? Could I see myself with 2 kids names Jaiden & Jade?  ‘Till this day I think it sounds cute but we call Jaiden “JAYY” for short so I saw myself (yeap I’m crazy) calling out “JADE!” and having her and Jaiden say “what?!” because Jayy sounds like Jade!  I was a mess lol!!!! I started to wonder what if I named her “_____(blank)-Jade” ??  So I just started putting a whole bunch of names together with “Jade” to see which ones “meshed” well.  I remembered years ago I was obsessed with a song by an artist named “MILA J”.  I listened to that song (No More Complaining – Mila J) over and over and over again at a certain point in my life years ago.  “Mila-Jade“…..I said the name out loud to see how it sounded and I liked it! I thought it went well! I asked Hommy and he liked it also! (Not that he has much of a say! LOL)  Jaiden wasn’t having it.  He wanted to know why SHE got a middle name or 2 names and he only had 1!!! BOYS I tell ya!!!

I threw the name around to friends and family and some liked it and some didn’t but that’s OK, because of Jaiden I still wasn’t 100% into the name yet, even though I was already calling my belly that.  I would randomly throw names at Hommy and he would just look at me as if I was crazy and say “Her name is going to be Mila-Jade! That’s what we’ve been calling her!”  I didn’t care, in my head I was still thinking of names! It wasn’t until I actually saw it on my Baby Shower invite that it finally stuck.  And it also helped that Jaiden blurted out “That’s going to be Me and Mila….” while we were watching TV!.  So there you have it!  That’ how I personally thought of the name.  Mila-Jade or MJ for short.

For the “Name Reveal” (because apparently that’s also a “thing” now) I just printed out “Hello My Name Is” label stickers in PINK, stuck it on my belly and snapped the photo.  What are some of the ways you guys have come up with your baby names? Leave a comment down below, I’d love to know! Thanks for reading!




  1. April 14, 2016 / 11:31 am

    That was the cutest little story ever and MILA JADE is the perfect name choice for her!!!

    • mostthingsmom
      April 14, 2016 / 1:09 pm

      thank you! ??

  2. tania
    April 14, 2016 / 1:24 pm

    awesome love your blogs ! and super cute name! keep it up 🙂 when is your little angel coming?

    • mostthingsmom
      April 14, 2016 / 1:26 pm

      thanks love! I’m due May 17th!!! ???

  3. Jezzi
    April 14, 2016 / 2:24 pm

    I was a teen Prego and picking out her name I was a mess. The names I picked out originally I truly stick to for the other two kids. Nevaehs name was originally Jenaliyah Alize’. People often asked where did I come up with the name. I was obsessed with Aaliyah the singer. So I wanted that name. She was my idol and I loved how loving caring strong and talented she was. At that time it’s was too popular and I hated the idea of her name being so common. For girls I like unquie names that no one had or I rarely heard. So I started looking for J names to match my initials Jezzebel Neresa. I came across Jenali in a baby book. Loved the sound of it.I loved it but felt it was too plain and was missing something. So I combined it with Aaliyah making it Jenaliyah. I loved Alize’ but hated the fact it was a liquor brand. Anyways in school some boy gave me the name Nevaeh, it was heaven spelt back words and that’s it! I was sold! Loved the sound of both names together. At the time it wasn’t as popular as now. Jenaliyah Nevaeh and for a boy I loved Julius Alexander. Alexander is my big brothers middle name. I felt the name was so strong and me and my older brother are really close. Julius Ceasar and Alexander the Great two strong men in history. I thought of that name since I could remember fantasizing about having a child when I was younger. So I stuck to Jenaliyah Nevaeh for a Girl and Julius Alexander for a boy. We found out it was a girl! Accepting the name was a issue for that family. Her Sperm donors family didn’t like the name and kept at it till I finally Changed it to Jezzalyn Nevaeh. It was a combination of my name. Which is why I can’t stand the name. I call her by her middle name, Nevaeh. I always tell people because of this experience don’t ever let anyone change what you like to make them happy. It’s your child you have to call them by that name forever. When I got pregnant with my second child. I didn’t bother with names till I made sure I was actually having the baby. After my miscarriage I felt it would have jinxed it. I found out I was having a Son! I was so happy I named him Julius Alexander. I didn’t even care what Pito thought or said. He hated his own name Carlos and I was thankful because so did I even 10 times more now. I was definitely not naming my kid after him not because of him because he’s a amazing man and great father. I just never liked the idea of a child having your same exact name as the parent and I wasn’t a fan of Spanish let alone common names. I was glad Pito liked it though and didn’t argue about the name with me. My last child I decided to keep it all J’s I hade Jayce Tyler for a boy . Watching Immortal Instruments I loved the name and character Jayce. Tyler I don’t remember how I came up with that one but I loved it. For a girl, I had Jenaliyah for the first name the middle name was a challenge. I liked the name Chastity but my niece and his sister had it so I tried to be creative and kept Chas and added “Lyn” having the I in the middle so it blended well. Took forever… It was a girl. So there you go Jezzalyn Nevaeh Julius Alexander and Jenaliyah Chasilyn. I wanted a forth kid which I definitely changed my mind but I already had names lol Jayce Alec and Jenevieve Addilyn

    • mostthingsmom
      April 14, 2016 / 3:03 pm

      I always thought her name was just Neveah! I like all their names! very unique. If I was having a boy this time I really liked Chase but Hommy says its “white” whatever that freaking means! you never know how hard it is to pick a name until you have to do it for your own kid lol a lot of people just like to throw names out there like it’s easy. Well it’s easy for them because they aren’t naming their kid…. I swear I still might change my mind ! Lol

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