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Hello There! I’m Taii & welcome to Most Things Mom.  Let’s start off by giving you a little bit of facts about me :

  • I am 30 years old
  • I’m a Stay At Home Mom
  • I married my High School sweetheart
  • We have a 9 yr old son name Jaiden + a little girl on the way
  • I am a New Yorker living in Florida
  • I’m addicted to clothes, makeup, diy’s, outdoor eating (weird I know ? ) , exploring new places, mini vacations and well the list can go on but I’ll stop there
I had a blog years ago called Beauty, Bags & Boys. But unfortunately I stopped blogging and they eventually closed it down. I’ve always loved writing, reading and taking photos.  So I figured I’d give blogging one more shot. With so many bloggers and you-tubers out there it was really scary to attempt to start. It took me months to just come up with a name. So, “Most Things Mom”…. The title alone can tell you I’m mostly all about motherhood. Right? Everyone who’s a mom knows your child comes first. But sometimes we forget about ourselves. I’m a Mom and a Wife so my life revolves around my son and my husband, that’s not a bad thing but I tend to leave myself out and I’m sure many moms out there can relate. When I pick a place to go out to dinner I have to make sure they serve chicken tenders for Jaiden & they have pasta for my husband, when we go on our mini vacations I have to make sure they have something fun for Jaiden to do, when we go to the movies I have to pick a movie Jaiden is willing to and can see, so as you can tell already everything I do involves the motherly side of me. Yes I love makeup and clothes and accessories but if it comes down to buying myself a shirt or Jaiden a shirt, he normally gets his shirt.  So basically I’m just trying to balance being a Mama and a Mrs while not forgetting about ME.